MORO GIOIELLI is an official reseller of the original and precious brand GABRIELLA RIVALTA.
Hand-painted art jewelry to always be unique and original.


The animal world is the inspiration that creates a line of refined, delicate and precious jewels
Elegance and nobility for the Animalier collection.

Le Meraviglie

Beauty is in the dreams of a precious art, which becomes rare and special when it meets creativity.
The Meraviglie collection is born from the encounter between refinement and fantasy.

Fiorellini Grandi

Each flower is created by the Goddess to be able to mirror herself and love love.
The Fiorellini Grandi collection tells of a feeling of peace and love.


Every flower has a story to tell.
A story of beauty and rarity. The Fiori collection tells of a fresh and fragrant spring.


The pendants of the collection Cuccioli are made entirely by hand on copper shape with fired glaze.
In fact, every jewel is so unique and particular, representing the puppy of your heart.


The pendants of the collection Amorini are made entirely by hand on copper shape with fired glaze.
The peculiarity of this collection is that they are pendants with simple shapes, taken from Nature and perfect as gifts for Births, Communions, Confirmations and Anniversaries.

The Slow Style philosophy belongs to us and is reflected in the process of creating every single jewel. It is from this slow and laborious process that every day creations born destined to last in time are born. Unique and never equal art jewelry. Nature is the inexhaustible source of inspiration for Gabriella, who paints subjects with her typical pictorial trait.
And it is on paper that passion guides the hand to the point of turning inspiration into an idea.
This is how the art jewel begins to take shape, which, in the uniqueness of this process, distinguishes the art jewels of Gabriella Rivalta. The product is worked through the laborious technique of Fired Glaze, then, with patience and accuracy, the miniature is glazed so as to reflect the infinite shades of colors.
Finally, every single piece is decorated and embellished with bright and small diamonds, and at the end of this Slow Style process our unique and precious Art Jewels are born.