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Mirco Visconti's values are more than jewellery alone. They are a sublime blend of past and present, intuition and craftsmanship, excellence and innovation, technique and passion. They are the intense and unbreakable bond between the most precious gems and silver mountings that reflect Valenza's most ancient and sophisticated traditions.

Because pure beauty, the utmost of all values, demands constant attention. It needs eyes to look at it, capture it and fall in love with it, never to leave its side. These are the eyes of Enrico Liparota, who seeks out, selects and personally procures the most beautiful stones, combining them with timelessly sophisticated silver. They are the eyes of master jewel setters who love gems as soon as they touch them and know how to complete a work of art. They are the eyes of the most expert jewellers who recognise the quality of Mirco Visconti jewellery and choose it for their customers. And they are, of course, the eyes of the most attentive customer, who is enchanted by something so sublime and falls in love with it forever.