MORO GIOIELLI has available the prestigious brand collections POMELLATO,
allowing its customers to choose among the latest innovations of the famous and exclusive Italian brand.

Below are the most representative collections..

collezione gioielli m'ama non m'ama


A fashionable bouquet of emotions

In a lively game of stack and tell, mixing and matching different M’ama non m’ama (He loves me, he loves me not) colors can express a whole new world of emotions, reflecting a truly unique and changeable style inspired by fashion and feeling.

collezione gioielli nudo


Contemporary style icon

An endless surprise of color and style ready to stun, Nudo is the emblem of the modern ring every woman wants to own.

collezione gioielli iconica


A tribute to Pomellato’s goldsmithing tradition

The sensual Iconica Collection narrates two opposites that converge and complete each other with the distinctive touch of Pomellato: the unequivocally Milanese understated form and the exuberant expression when playfully combined.

collezione gioielli sabbia


Inspired by natural beauty

Resembling gentle plains of crystalline sand grains caressed by the sun, the diamond-sprinkled surfaces of Sabbia (Sand) glimmer as they catch the light. Big and small rounded islands of original perfection that may settle side by side in a soft, natural mix.

collezione gioielli capri


A magical mediterranean ensemble

Inspired by the feminine allure of Bougainvillea flowers in bloom and the breath-taking beauty of the Blue Grotto, Capri creations enchant the eye with an ocean of brilliant color contrasts.

collezione gioielli ritratto


Unconventional personality à la Pomellato

Pomellato presents Ritratto – a new collection embodying the Maison’s historic values, and a full expression of the ‘New Precious’ concept. Through a process of meticulous handcrafting, unconventional gems come to life on jewels with curved designs.

collezione gioielli lucciole


Circles of understated elegance

An ideal of sheer simplicity adorned by points of light like fireflies suggests a minimal style with a magical touch, resulting in delicate, sparkling ensembles of artisanal perfection.

collezione gioielli arabesque


Oriental wonders

An elegant game of airy richness played with architectural flavor. Ramage motifs sinuously crafted in gold come to life shaping new, unconventional classics.

collezione gioielli milano


Pure class

A classic story with a touch of fabulous chic, Pomellato moulds creativity into essential creations with a golden soul, giving life to a multitude of shapes and shades with shiny, opaque, faceted or hammered finishes.